Securer Custom Solutions

Securer Custom Solutions

Securer Custom Solutions are joint ventures of Securer and its partner companies, aiming at different use-cases and verticals.


Each joint venture is a custom solution specially developed for a specific use case of digitalization and tokenization based on the Securer technology. Securer Custom Solutions are a great solution for companies that want to digitalize and tokenize a specific and unique activity, that requires a dedicated software solution.


The vertical is a separated and stand-alone product, that its IP (intellectual property) belongs to the partner and has its own product and R&D team. The target is to build the best solution for the partner’s business activity.


Usually, a vertical custom solution is done in partnership with Securer, in order to enable the quick and high-quality go to market strategy.


Among the most interesting vertical custom solutions are:

Special Financial Assets

Micro-bonds issued by the government. In this case, the government can control its bonds trading, and the buyers of the bonds enjoy a low cost and an efficient market to trade the bonds.

Secondary market trading of pre-IPO companies’ shares. In this case, the owner of such shares has the ability to sell their shares in the free market (i.e. liquidity and market price), and buyers enjoy direct contact with the sellers.

Special Commodities

The common commodities are traded on commodity exchanges. However, special commodities are more complex and thus are usually traded by a small number of players in an offline market that is not transparent and not efficient. Using digital securities on a blockchain based trading platform transforms this market into a transparent and efficient one.

Combining Security and Utility

Use cases which combine both securities (ownership) and utility (usage). There are many examples, such as parking, energy (ownership of assets and using the created energy), luxury items (buying a yacht and using it), and many more.