Securer Funds

Funds Investors-Managers Ecosystem

Whitelabel Blockchain Based Platform for Funds Managers and Investors

Securer Funds enables funds managers to manage their investors ecosystem in a professional and secure way, and thus increase their transparency and credibility.


Managers Console (web) & Investors Console (web & mobile app)

Compliance KYC/AML

White-Label and Multi-Tenant Capabilities

Manage Company Investments, Cap table, Voting and More

Company Deal Room

Data Room and Reports

Digital Securities Blockchain Infrastructure

Financial Services (via 3rd parties)

Custom Software Development


Hands-on consulting

Expert consulting for running your DSO – planning, managing, technology, business development, and fundraising.

Huge investor network

Securer offers you access to its 85,000+ investor network and services of Securer’s investor outreach team. Read More



Infrastructure for diverse use cases.

Strong technical team: developed and managed by leading blockchain professionals.

Big data and analytics for a wide range of assets classes.

Combining digiting and tokenizing to better support business use cases.


Global network and presence, enabling flexible business models a go-to-market strategy

Strong partners (legal, marketing, compliance, and exchanges), enabling global, fast, and professional execution

Cooperation with blockchain protocols – RSK and EdenChain

High scaling capacity: partnership with Titanium Blockchain

Strong management experienced in business execution and blockchain technology

Onboard investors, raise capital, manage the company (cap table, voting etc.) and more

Business-first approach: specifically designed to match business goals

Blockchain based infrastructure to increase transparency and credibility

Branded pages for your company

Digital securities Infrastructure and Exchanges Ready

Cyber-secure and easy to use

Securer is a multi-protocol blockchain based infrastructure, implemented on end-to-end platforms for digitizing and tokenizing assets.

Securer Capital is Securer’s native application for financial players, offered as a white label for its clients – funds, VC, accelerators, wealth management companies, family offices, investments banks and more.


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