Securer Estate

Securer Estate

Securer’s application for real estate companies and funds

Securer’s Estate is a premium management platform for real estate companies and funds to digitize the ecosystem of their companies, funds, investors, and assets.

Securer Estate offers a complete solution – capital raising, managing the assets and companies, and trading of investors’ rights.

Securers’ Consoles

Securer Estate is a white label and multi-tenant premium platform for real-estate companies and funds. Securer Estate has 3 consoles:


Your web console

For the real estate company/fund managers


Your companies and assets web console

For your companies and assets managers


Your investors web and mobile consoles

For your investors

Main Functionalities

All consoles are white-labeled and branded under your brand. Securer Estate main functionalities are:

Capital raising:

  • Onboarding investors
  • Accreditation and white-listing of investors
  • Capital raising landing pages
  • Crowdfunding capabilities
  • Marketing tools
  • Management tools


  • Cap table
  • Votings
  • Rights management, e.g. dividend payments
  • Companies, assets and investors management tools
  • Reports


  • Trading rights within the platform
  • Trading rights outside the platform
  • Trading managemnet and tools
  • Trading reports


Managers Console (web) & Investors Console (web & mobile app)

KYC/AML Compliance

White Label and Multi-Tenant Capabilities

Manage Company Investments, Cap table, Voting and More

Company Deal Room

Data Room and Reports

Digital Securities Blockchain Infrastructure

Financial Services (via 3rd parties)

Custom Software Development


Hands-on Consulting

Expert hands-on consulting. From planning to execution of your fundraisings and related activities.

Huge investor network

Securer offers you access to its 85,000+ investor network and services of Securer’s investor outreach team.Read More



Infrastructure for diverse real estate use cases

Strong technical team: developed and managed by leading professionals

Big data and analytics

Combining digiting and tokenizing to better support business use cases


Global network and presence, enabling flexible business models a go-to-market strategy

Strong partners (legal, marketing, compliance, and exchanges), enabling global, fast, and professional execution

High scaling capacity

Strong management experienced in business execution


Onboard investors, raise capital, manage the company (cap table, voting etc.) and more

Business-first approach: specifically designed to match business goals

Blockchain based infrastructure to increase transparency and credibility

Branded pages for your company

Digital securities Infrastructure and Exchanges Ready

Cyber-secure and easy to use

Securer is a multi-protocol blockchain based infrastructure, implemented on end-to-end platforms for digitizing and tokenizing assets.

Securer Capital is Securer’s native application for financial players, offered as a white label for its clients – funds, VC, accelerators, wealth management companies, family offices, investments banks and more.


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