Securer DSO

Securer DSO

Digital Securities Offering and Management

Securer DSO is Securer’s digital security offering and management service, offering startups and companies to raise capital and manage cap-table, voting, dividend and investor relations.


Managers Console (web) & Investors Console (web & mobile app)

Compliance KYC/AML

White-Label and Multi-Tenant Capabilities

Manage Company Investments, Cap table, Voting and More

Company Deal Room

Data Room and Reports

Digital Securities Blockchain Infrastructure

Financial Services (via 3rd parties)

Custom Software Development


Hands-on consulting

Expert consulting for running your DSO – planning, managing, technology, business development, and fundraising.

Huge investor network

Securer offers you access to its 85,000+ investor network and services of Securer’s investor outreach team. Read More



Infrastructure for diverse use cases.

Integrates with all major security token protocols.

Strong technical team: developed and managed by leading blockchain professionals.

Big data and analytics for a wide range of assets classes.

Combining digiting and tokenizing to better support business use cases.


Global network and presence, enabling flexible business models a go-to-market strategy

Strong partners (legal, marketing, compliance, and exchanges), enabling global, fast, and professional execution

Cooperation with blockchain protocols – RSK and EdenChain

High scaling capacity: partnership with Titanium Blockchain

Strong management experienced in business execution and blockchain technology

Onboard investors, raise capital, manage the company (cap table, voting etc.) and more

Business-first approach: specifically designed to match business goals

Blockchain based infrastructure to increase transparency and credibility

Branded pages for your company

Digital securities Infrastructure and Exchanges Ready

Cyber-secure and easy to use

Securer is a multi-protocol blockchain based infrastructure, implemented on end-to-end platforms for digitizing and tokenizing assets.

Securer Capital is Securer’s native application for financial players, offered as a white label for its clients – funds, VC, accelerators, wealth management companies, family offices, investments banks and more.

Planning Your DSO

* Services that are included in any DSO running on Securer ** Extra services offered by Securer

Discovery phase*

The discovery phase should take 2-3 weeks, and its target is to get a general plan for the DSO.

DSO tasks: – Make a list of all tasks & needs: marketing, legal technology, etc. – Divide the list according to the person/company who will be in- charge (internal, service provider etc.) – Internal team: Make the list of all internal team members – Service providers: Make the list of service providers needed DSO General Offering: – The Offering: what, how much, etc. – The campaign scope: when, types of investors, location, etc. – DSO timetable estimation – DSO budget estimation

Project management of the DSO**

Management of the DSO as a project:

DSO team meetings/calls: – Weekly tasks overview – Coordination of team task – Problems and problem solving Service providers: – Pre-contract evaluation – Contracting – Managing/tracking

DSO Technology*

End-To-End management of the token lifecycle: management tools, managing the stakeholders and the tokens, managing the company and more.

Client’s DSO on the Securer’s platform: – Company data room – DSO details – Investors’ onboarding (KYC/AML) – Initiating the DSO – Running the DSO: Capital raising phase – Finalizing the DSO Post DSO: – Proper registration of investments and investors – Transfer tokens to investors – Company management: Voting, dividend, etc’ – Inner-trading (i.e. trading in the Securer platform) – Enabling OTC trading – Connecting to security exchanges Reports

White Label Solution**Setting a white label of Securer on the client’s website domain, designed to match the client’s brand.
DSO Smart Contracts*

– Smart Contracts Writing: developing the smart contracts that are fully in line with the compliance regulations. – Done in cooperation with the company’s legal counsel – Smart Contracts Audit: audit of the smart contracts. Done by a 3rd party audit company

Wallets*Wallet for the token issued in the DSO.
Technical Support*

Technical support needed to run the DSO:

– Assisting the client to solve technical issues related to the DSO – Answer questions the client asks, regarding technological issues

Solution Integrations**Technical help with the integration of the DSO into the client’s business processes, such as logistics, law, management, etc.
Added Value Services
General Advisory**

– Providing advice on issues related to the implementation of the DSO – Support in selecting team members and service providers for the DSO

Planning General

– Preliminary discussions on the project’s concept and goals – Market research and development of the strategy – Development of the project’s roadmap – General calculation of investment performance of the project – Recommendations for the product concept to improve investors perception

Planning** Specific for DSO

– Audit and development of the token concept and economic model of token/tokenomics, recommendations on how to choose the right token type for the DSO – Development of a detailed DSO timeline, breaking it down into stages

Project Documents

– Development of the white paper (concept, content, and design) – Audit and development of the financial model of the project – Development of the one-pager of the project (investment teaser) – Development of the pitch deck (investment deck) of the project – Validation of all documents by external professionals

Marketing Website**

Creation of an informative website and a landing page to enable the token sale and encourage investors to get started quickly. A landing page for DSO consists of tokenomics, team details, DSO launch date, and a roadmap.

– Content writing – Custom design or choosing a template – Development

Marketing strategyBuilding the marketing strategy and implementation tools and service providers needed.
Marketing Execution Including PR andCommunity Management

Implementation of the marketing strategy:

– PR – Social media account setup – Ad campaign management – Community building and management – Pitching DSO listing sites – Email marketing And more…

Reaching Investors

The process of finding potential investors, pitching them, and following up the investment opportunities:

– Access to a wide range of well-known experts and advisors in the relevant industry – Investor outreach campaign (sending the project’s investment teaser and report to the investor’s database) – Investors follow-up procedure – Analytics/reports during and after the campaign

Security Token Exchanges Listing**

Listing on the security token exchanges:

– Connecting with the security exchange listing manager – Compliance with the technical requirements of the exchange – Compliance with the legal requirements of the exchange

3rd Parties
Legal Counsel

Choosing the best DSO legal counsel. For existing company, the DSO legal counsel and the company’s ‘regular’ legal counsel should cooperate before, during, and after the DSO. The DSO legal counsel tasks are:

– Development of the legal structure: company, token, etc. – Setting up the legal requirements: company, documents, investor KYC/AML, etc. – Overview and approving all company’s documents: website, pitch deck, white paper, etc. – Advising the tech team with the legal requirements – Support of the private sale stage – Support of the public sales stage (if applicable)

Payment Solutions Providers

The payment services needed for the DSO:

– Bank account – Card payment – Prepaid cards Payment – Virtual IBANs – Crypto payments

CustodianA custodian is a financial institution that holds the company’s securities and/or the investor’s payment for safekeeping in order to minimize the risk of their theft or loss.
Broker-DealerA broker-dealer is a firm in the business of buying and selling securities. The broker-dealer assists the company with the legal requirements needed to sell its securities.
KYC/AML ProvidersKYC/AML Providers are companies that offer online products that enable the company to verify its investors’ identities, buy checking their documents (Know Your Client) and source of funds (Anti Money Laundering).


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