Investor Outreach

Investor Outreach

Reaching out and getting in touch with investors are probably one of the hardest things to do when raising capital. It is the first step in the fundraising process and as such, it is a strategic process for the company.

It goes without saying that sending non-descript emails will be considered as spam and will not reach anyone.

Securer’s Investor Outreach Team specializes in assisting companies to raise capital. With years of experience in raising capital, we have built a huge investor network, a highly professional team and a process to reach out for them with new investment opportunities.

Our Advantages

Years of experience in raising capital

The 85,000+ Investor Network

Highly Professional Investor Outreach team

Covering all aspects of the fundraising process

Investor Outreach Process

Our investor outreach process starts with a discovery phase, and according to its results, we start the outreach activity phase. During the outreach activity, we deliver periodic reports, and according to these statistics, feedback and fine tuning of the activity are done.


Discovery Phase

Fundraising Documents: Finalizing the fundraising documents, such as: a whitepaper, a pitch deck, a one pager, etc.

Investor Profile: Building the profiles of the most suitable investors and funds.

Investor Database: Creating the investor list we will reach out, based on the Securer’s 85,000+ Investor Network and external resources.

Outreach Messages: Creating outreach messages to be sent to potential investors.

Contacting Investors

Sending follow-up messages and materials

Setting up calls/meeting for the company with potential investors

Outreach Activity



Reporting and Feedback

Reporting: The outreach team leader reports the outreach statistics

Feedback: Feedback process based on the statistics

Fine tuning the outreach activity:Amending the outreach activity based on the feedback.

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