Securer presented at the Canaan Creative & Bitrise Capital event

Securer presented at the Canaan Creative & Bitrise Capital event

Canaan Creative, Bitrise Capital & Securer Held an Event in Hangzhou China


On February 26th, Canaan Creative, the world’s second-largest mining hardware manufacturer, and Bitrise Capital, the leading venture capital in blockchain investment, invited Securer to a digital securities event to share the advantages and vision of Securer and its founding team.

The event was successfully held in Hangzhou. In the event, Securer CEO – Mr. Tzahi Kanza and his partner Mr. Richard Lu gave a keynote speech on the situation of the digital securities, application scenarios, market pain points and solutions.

The unique approach of Securer is by the vision of business first approach (supported by hi-end and very flexible technology infrastructure), concentrate of real and profitable business cases, and offer flexible business models to offer the creation of JVs and partnerships.

Securer currently has three business models that provide one-stop shop solution for digital securities businesses. Compared with the current competing products, the advantages are obvious, as it can provide multi-protocol compatibility, OEM services, software customization services and technical and business services.

Bitrise Capital, Canaan Create and Securer are planning to have a long term cooperation and partnership.