Securer is Launching the First Commercial Version!

Securer is Launching the First Commercial Version!

We are happy to announce the first commercial version of Securer.


Securer is a transparent & immutable blockchain based multi-protocol, end-to-end, and fully compliant platform for digital securities. Securer is designed to offer vertical, white label and asset management solutions for digital securities.

Securer has a unique business approach:

  • Business first approach with a clear go to market strategy
  • Flexible business models including vertical cooperation and white label solution
  • Technology: Multi-protocol, multi-asset, and not a token based system
  • Cyber-secure and easy to use for non professional users
  • Strong team of leading blockchain professionals


Securer provides a full ecosystem: compliance, token issuance and management, deal room, financial services via 3rd parties, exchange Integrations, consulting, tech support and custom software development.