Digitizing alternative energy: Ortronic will perform its DSO/STO on Securer

Digitizing alternative energy: Ortronic will perform its DSO/STO on Securer

As part of the joint venture between Securer and RSK, we are more than proud to introduce the Ortronic project.

Ortronic is a great innovation company with branches in Spain, Brazil, Argentina, and China. Since 2000, the company has been selling converters, that transform continuous energy into the alternative one. Ortronic offers a revolutionary technology which makes its converters perform higher than the regular ones and helps drastically reduce system losses. While modern converters perform from 40% to 95% of the entire production system, Ortronic technology makes the performance of the converter equal the performance of the entire system (more than 95%) under any usage circumstances. Currently, the company is actively developing applications in electromagnetic induction appliances, hydrogen production, and inverted resonance.

In this project, we provide Ortronic with Securer white label solution for digitizing and tokenizing the company’s DSO/STO and a complete solution for managing Ortronic’s DSO activity. This includes onboarding our professional network partners to assist Ortronic in their DSO journey. In addition, Securer assists Ortronic to establish its DSO/STO ecosystem and service providers in order to optimally execute it.

For Securer, digitalization and tokenization of assets in the energy industry is a great opportunity which adds to the diversity of the use cases Securer covers.

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