Connecting digital securities to Bitcoin: Securer and RSK are setting up a joint venture!

Connecting digital securities to Bitcoin: Securer and RSK are setting up a joint venture!

We are excited to announce Securer’s new partnership with RSK, setting up a joint venture for a digital securities platform on RSK protocol.


Securer  is a blockchain based digital securities platform for digitizing and tokenizing assets. It is multi-protocol, multi-asset, and combines flexible business models to match its clients’ needs. Its white label solution (the Securer Capital Model) offers its companies to digitize and tokenize their assets, enabling them to raise their capital, handle different types of funds, or join Securer network on Securer’s infrastructure. The platform also covers Securer Verticals that are joint ventures of Securer and its partners from real estate, secondary market, etc.


RSK is the first open source smart contract platform based on Bitcoin. The aim of the protocol is to expand Bitcoin functionality by providing its network with smart contracts. The access to the RSK smart contracts’ code enables building decentralized applications compatible with the Web3 standards. The protocol also offers its Smart Bitcoin (RBTC) which can be converted to and from Bitcoin through a special RSK technology bringing the Bitcoin and RSK protocols together.


The aim of our cooperation with RSK is to build a brand-new digital securities platform. On the one hand, RSK will provide the platform with its protocol. Thanks to RSK great technologies as well as RSK team’s wide experience, the platform offers a high level of security and reliability. On the other hand, RSK and Securer will fully cooperate in the whole life cycle of the product – from planning, designing, and developing to promoting, selling and supporting the platform’s clients.


We believe this cooperation will bring a hi-end and secure solution to the digitalization and tokenization of assets in real estate, crowdfunding in real estate, and financial solutions related to different investors’ ecosystems and use cases.


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