Securer is a transparent & immutable blockchain based multi-protocol, end-to-end, and fully compliant platform for issuing and managing security tokens. Securer is managed by leading blockchain technology professionals and leading security tokens legal consultants.

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Our Current Projects

Easy Park specializes in digitalizing parking lots and parking real-estate projects, from issuance to management and trade.

The Elephant is a digital securities platform for equity rights in the most promising private companies around the globe.

Talad Invoice is a digital securities platform planned and built with top-notch tools for financial assets digitalization.

Securer Models


Securer Solution

For companies that wish to digitize
their assets.

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White Label

For companies that want to promote their brand.

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Vertical Custom Solution

For companies that want to build a new vertical for digital securities.

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Securer Advantages

Multi-Protocol and Multi-Asset

Securer protocol integrates with all major security token protocols, like Polymath, Ethereum ERC-1400, Stellar , Securitize  and more.

Full Compliance

We're working with the best compliance professionals, and offer a fully compliant platform.

Secure Standards and Decentralization

Developed by leading cyber-security professionals, and offers an institutional investors security level.

Easy to use

Securer user interface was designed and developed by leading financial UI/UX specialists, and it is easy to use for non-technical users.

White Label and Custom Software

Securer offers white label versions and custom software development

High End Tools for Trading and Transferring

We offers top notch tools for issuers and investors, such as a asset bidding tool.   

Community Management Tools

We offer our issuers variety of community management tools

Professional Team

Securer management is a leader in Blockchain technology development and business development, with more than 12 Blockchain projects executed.  

Securer Features


  • Identity Management
  • KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering)
  • Company verification / Investor qualification


  • Multi-protocol Security Token issuing
  • Multi-asset Security Token issuing
  • White-label interfaces


  • Portfolio management
  • Cap table management
  • Notifications and community management
  • Voting tools & reports
  • Dividends tools & reports
  • Compliance report

Deal Room

  • Matchmaking platform for financing
  • Maximizing the opportunities to raise capital
  • Investor relations communication tools

Financial Services (via 3rd parties)

  • Transfer agent: Manage and perform securities transfers fast, secure and cost effective
  • Crypto Escrow and Custodian
  • Fiat Escrow

Exchange Integrations

  • Easy token transfers to and from  exchanges.


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Asaf Yosifov
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